It is easy to underestimate the importance of having functional gutters on your home. Common leaks can lead to major issues with either the roof of your property or the foundation of the home. Being able to assess the root cause of leaks can help prevent major damage to your property. We cannot stress to homeowners enough, the importance of having a gutter system that actually works for you, instead of against you.

Below are some of the more common reasons you may be experiencing leaking in your current gutter system.

  1. Your Gutters Are Loose

If you have ever walked your property and found sagging gutters or nails hanging out, then you may need a professional assessment of the structure. When it rains, the water runs down the roof and into the gutter, if the gutter is not fastened flush against the facia boards, this can cause leaks behind the gutter itself. If this is happening, it may not even be your gutter that is loose, but the facia behind the gutter has begun to rot and loosen the gutter from the facia. In this case, you will need to remove that gutter and address the problem area.

  1. Your Gutters are Old

The general lifespan of your gutter system can vary depending on the material used and how it is fastened to your home. If the gutter is not a seamless style, then it is more probable that water has collected on those seams over time causing leaking or damage to the gutter itself. Typically an aluminum gutter has a 40yr warranty.

  1. Your Gutters are not Pitched Correctly

Pitch is everything to us at Cardinal Gutters. Without pitch, we wouldn’t have a lasting company. Any gutter installed needs to have some grade of slope to it, whether around corners or along a 60ft piece. The water needs somewhere to exit. If your gutters have no pitch or were installed improperly, over time water will simply sit in the gutter. This can cause a number of problems outside of a simple fix or leak.

Here at Cardinal Gutters, we have assessed thousands of homes, if you would like to get your property or problem diagnosed, please call our office today for your free estimate. We are able to handle any leak, big or small, and we offer affordable pricing for repairs and replacements if need be. This simple step, could save you thousands in your pocket and can bring about more peace of mind for your property.