In today’s market, there are many different styles and types of gutters that you can have installed on your home. It is best to consult with a professional when choosing the best gutters for your home. Whether it be the most common K-style gutters or the traditional half-round gutters. The material used to install the gutters can vary as well, from aluminum to copper, steel, or vinyl.

At Cardinal Gutter, we specialize in the K-Style 6-inch Aluminum Seamless Gutters. Seamless gutters are as they sound; aluminum gutters without a seam. The longevity of the product increases by decades, having seamless gutters. These gutters are custom-made for your house alone. They are cut in long, singular pieces that eliminate seams, giving the gutter more structure and functionality. 

Here are a few reasons why Homeowners in the Louisville, Kentucky area are ditching seams and switching to seamless.

  1. Seamless = Fewer Leaks

Majority of concerns from your gutter system, steam from the seams in the gutter, causing leaking issues are even worse. Over time, when gutters age, the caulking material used to seal the seams can give away, creating an easy pathway for water to leak. Without those vulnerable seams giving away, seamless gutters reduce and, in most cases, remove the chances of leaks.

  1. Low Maintenance

Having seams in the gutter can allow for debris to get hung up or stuck on the material, instead of a steady flow. When debris gets caught in the gutter, over time, this can become a wall for the water to climb through or over, making it difficult for proper functionality. Typically, seamless gutters have to be cleaned less often, resulting in a lot less maintenance, if installed properly.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

While functionality is the number one objective for gutter systems, some would argue looks over function. However, the seamless gutters offer straight lines, custom cuts, and superior functionality.

With years of experience under our belts at Cardinal Gutters, we have installed hundreds of gutter systems to homes across the Kentucky and Indiana area. There is no secret as to why most homeowners have converted over to the seamless aluminum gutter.