River City Gutters

River City Gutters is a Kentucky company that was formed in 2019.

Their company was administratively dissolved with the State of Kentucky in 2022, which means they don’t file reports for their company are not no longer recognized by the state as an official company.

They are a very small company.

There are a lot of companies like this in the remodeling industry. Founded by an individual who has lots of experience in the industry and can manage to keep at least a few good laborers on staff at any given time.

River City Gutters is not necessarily a great marketing or sales company, which is not a bad thing by any means, it is just a reflection of the ownership’s inability to retain leadership in their company to help them make progress and grow, either due to inability or a lack of desire.

In a head to head competition regarding our gutter guards vs theirs, River City Gutters does not have access to products that will match ours in quality.

In a head to head competition regarding seamless gutters, the quality of the material will be equal, but our company focuses more on quality workmanship than they do, based on reviews. Their retail price for gutters is similar to ours.

In a head to head competition regarding fascia, soffit, or metal wrap work, our installers are much more proficient with these products and choosing us will result in a higher level of satisfaction. Their retail price for fascia, soffit, and metal wrap work is similar to ours.

River City Gutters Articles of Organization

River City Gutters Dissolution