Renewal Gutters

Renewal Gutters is a Kentucky company that was formed in the year 2020.

The company’s owner is named Dan Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert brings a lot of experience to the table. He was a former project manager for Leaf Filter and hired and trained installers for several years to install their products.

Mr. Gilbert is a good guy, and will do everything he can to make his customers satisfied.

His installers are not as capable as ours, and they do not have the same resources that we do.

Although Renewal Gutters will do everything they can to leave their customers satisfied, they are a very small company with limited resources, and should you need service down the road, there is no guarantee that Mr. Gilbert will want to stay in the gutter business or have the capability to fulfill warranty claims.

In a head to head competition regarding our gutter guards vs theirs, ours will outperform their product and last longer, and we have a better capability to back up our warranties. Their pricing is similar to ours.

In a head to head competition regarding seamless gutters, the quality of the material will be equal, but our company focuses more on quality workmanship and has a better capability to back up our warranties than Renewal does. Their retail price for gutters is similar to ours

In a head to head competition regarding fascia, soffit, or metal wrap work, our installers are much more proficient with these products and choosing us will result in a higher level of satisfaction. Renewal pays slightly under market labor rates for these products. Their retail price for fascia, soffit, and metal wrap work is slightly lower than ours is.

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