Leaf Filter

Leaf Filter is an Ohio company. They have been around for more than 10 years. They are undoubtedly the largest company in the gutter business. Their screen is a micro mesh made of surgical grade stainless steel, just like our Leaf Blaster Pro screen.

Leaf Filter is one of the few competitors in the area that has a product that is comparable to ours.

Some of the main differences between their product and ours when it comes to gutter protection is the manner in which it is installed, and the longevity of the vinyl frame on their product.

Leaf Filter is an incredible marketing company, and they are driven to profit. This alone does not necessarily make them a bad company, but it is something that is important to be aware of.

In a head to head competition regarding our gutter guards vs theirs, ours will outperform their product and last longer. Their retail price for their gutter guards is roughly twice as much as ours is.

In a head to head competition regarding seamless gutters, the quality of the material will be equal, but our company focuses more on quality workmanship than Leaf Filter does. Remember, Leaf Filter is an incredible marketing and sales company. What this causes many times is a large backlog of jobs, and combined with their high installer turnover due to poor labor pay, they will often result to hiring local gutter subcontractors on the spot and assign them jobs within 24 hours, not even having the chance to evaluate their ability. Their retail price for gutters is roughly 30% more than ours is.

In a head to head competition regarding fascia, soffit, or metal wrap work, we will come right out and say you will very likely be disappointed in any of those services should you hire Leaf Filter to perform them for you. They pay well under market labor rates for these products and simply cannot retain talent for this more comprehensive type of work. Their retail price for fascia, soffit, and metal wrap work is roughly 30% more than ours is.

Leaf Filter Articles of Incorporation